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-Asia Sdn Bhd is an independent Internet advertising specialist which offers a range of services tailored to the online advertising community, including Web site owners, advertisers and advertising agencies, in the Asian region.

e-Asia works with advertisers and their advertising agencies to develop effective online advertising campaigns, including those in the form of advertisement banners. These are then served to affiliate sites in the e-Asia advertising network. In a nutshell, e-Asia provides advertisers and Web publishers with Internet advertising and online direct marketing solutions.

e-Asia's Online Advertisement Targeting System (OATS) gives advertisers the ability to target their prospects with precise profiling criteria. At any time in their campaign, advertisers can find out how their the ads are performing and the response from users. Go online to get comprehensive reporting that is not available in other media.

Advertise in a mass medium that gives you massive reach, targeting capabilities, accountability and no wastage. e-Asia's Network Affiliates will help you achieve your advertising and marketing goals.

We turn your website traffic into ad revenue. By completing the entire sales cycle from prospecting to billing and collection, e-Asia's network and business model represent the most compelling opportunity available to Web publishers in Asia.